We Love You Samba Kitty
(April 1, 2001 to July 26, 2005)

Our Goodbye Letter To Samba

Dear Samba:

Here is a list of only a few of the things that we think of when we think of you...

  • her meow sounds like "murow"
  • bird noises in the window
  • snuggles under the covers and in the crook of your legs
  • she's a hold kitty, not a lap kitty
  • the honeymoon for a few days after we've been away
  • trimming her nails while she lays on her back
  • rides on our shoulders in car (never travelled in a carrier)
  • favourite sleeping chairs: attic ikea chairs, Marc's office rocking chair, sun porch couch
  • you smell so good
  • just needs leash on and then she won't try to run away!
  • loves basking in sun on dining room floor
  • at 275 Delaware, she would play fetch the small balls down the stairs 15 times in a row
  • not messy in the litter box, and sometimes just scratches on the sides
  • waking us up early by scratching on our door
  • waiting outside our bedroom, on the landing of the stairs in the morning, waiting to be fed
  • she's very tolerant of CÚlia. CÚlia can give her big hugs and kisses and poke her eyes.
  • she'll let you know when she's had enough when the tail starts swooshing and she starts to bite
  • jumps up on window in basement as we come down the steps to feed her
  • loves to play with toy that has string on a stick
  • she absolutely destroys the little mice with the plastic core
  • Marc is a better mouser than Samba :-)
  • hilarious when she goes "snaky"
  • loves to have water poured slowly into the bathtub so she could drink at the drain
  • did catch several mice in her career
  • loved to eat bugs until she ate a huge centipede
  • loves to play the try-and-make-the-bed game
  • loves to purr when you hold her
  • eats nothing but her catfood ... unless CÚlia drops some peas/cheerios for her, and then she would occasionally eat them.
  • loves to drink water out of the plastic hockey cups from 7-11
  • love hearing the sound of Samba going through the cat flap
  • loves to help us read the newspaper on the bed by lying on it and refusing to move
  • loves to jump into our hockey bag when we get home after a game
  • loves to lie on our shoes
  • CÚlia chasing Samba on all fours, and Samba pretending to let her get close
  • her favourite scratching post: our wooden shoe rack
  • loves to sign in our greeting cards/letters
  • has her own email: samba@whockey.com
  • elastic eating episode, when she was a kitten
  • hopped up on goofballs
  • travelling kitty - went all the way to Kap, ran down halls in hotel!
  • scared the poop out of Georges
  • often walks with a hook in her tail
  • scratching on shower curtain to get water
  • scratching on bed covers to wake us up to feed her
  • you pull out a grey chair from under the table in the kitchen and notice it's heavier than usual ... another one of Samba's favourite sleeping places!
  • CÚlia calls her "am", "ba ba", or "titi". Samba lets CÚlia give her big hugs and kisses.

    We love you so much Samba Kitty and we thank you for bringing such joy to our lives. We are going to miss you dearly! We will never forget you. God bless you.

    Love, Andria, Marc, and CÚlia

    Photos of Samba Kitty

    Samba takes over the remote control.

    Samba helps with the dishes.

    Samba is ready for Hallowe'en.

    Feb 20, 2002: Samba stretches for a treat.

    Feb 24, 2002: Andria holds Samba.

    Mar 19, 2002: Samba stretching on the laptop bag.

    May 3, 2003: Samba and her two buddies.

    Oct 17, 2003: Our two babies: Samba and CÚlia.

    Feb 1, 2004: Samba acting cute!

    Feb 1, 2004: Samba strolls outside in our backyard.

    Apr 15, 2004: Samba in the baby's chair.

    Jun 10, 2005: The whole family.