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New Born Photos (0-3 months)  

New Born Photos (0-3 months)

At Hospital

Taken shortly after birth.
Papa with a swaddled Rémy.
Dylan, Uncle Dave, & Aunt Nancy visit.
Sister Célia pats her little brother.
Aunt Leslie with Rémy.
The newly expanded family.
Rémy gets some shut eye.
Leslie B. visits.
Proud Grandma & Grandpa Hunter. The count is even -- now they have 3 granddaughters and 3 grandsons.
Sister Célia gives her little brother a hug.
Mommy & Rémy.
Mommy & Rémy.
Rémy's cute little toes.
Grimmer & Scott pop in for a visit.
Removing the umbilical cord clamp.
First bath -- censored version, of course!
Squeeky clean, after the bath.
First photo shoot. The photos we selected are shown on the main page of Rémy's web site.
Papa cringes to see Rémy in Toronto Maple Leaf gear! (He's a Habs fan.)
A little snack.
Célia enjoys some time with her new baby brother.
Célia gives Rémy a kiss.
Josie tickles Rémy's toes.
A content Rémy.
This bed should be large enough for little Rémy!
Rémy gives Dr. Maxwell the thumbs up.
Rémy studies his new friend.
Hmmm, what is this blue furry creature?
Leslie B. kindly chauffeurs us home from the hospital.
Mommy captures the chauffeur on video.
Rémy's first car ride.

At Home


Home with Rémy.
Greeted by sister Célia at the door.
The doll bed is just a little too short, but Rémy doesn't seem to mind.
Lunch time -- food prep compliments of Grandma Hunter.
Rémy with Mr. Whosit.
Célia and cousin Connor prepare to read Rémy a goodnight story.
Papa, Célia, & Rémy.
Célia holds Rémy.
Rémy holds Mr Whosit.
Célia puts a diaper on her fish.
Papa puts a diaper on Rémy.
Rémy is really starting to know Mr blue bear.
Ready for the first car ride in our car.
Mommy & Rémy visit Dr. Maxwell.
What would be a first car ride without a stop at Papa Ceo's for pizza?!
Grandma Hunter rocks Rémy.
Rémy -- a future UNH Wildcat, like Mommy?
[UNH = University of New Hampshire]
First visit to a restaurant.
Rémy enjoys some tummy time.
Trying to keep warm at home -- ironically our heating system broke on the night Rémy came home, and we had to wait 4 days for it to be replaced.
Java kitty doesn't know what to make of Rémy. She just hopes that he doesn't like cat food.
Weigh-in at the Village Park Paediatrition office.
Dr. Chisamore with one of his newest patients.
A walk down to the Lakeshore while Célia is at school.
After the stork delivered Rémy, he decided to stick around on our front yard for a few days.
Celebrating with some ice wine! ... appropriately served in Rémy Martin Cognac glasses!