Famous Slot Players and Why They Have Stayed in History

The most famous slot players have been those that have taken home tremendous wins. These are famous players besides the likes of famous celebs of the past like Frank Sinatra, who was known to hit a slot or two on a night out playing games of chance like poker and other casino games. There have been some lucky people at Daisyslots.com that have become millionaires after one single spin. It is mind-boggling how big the possible wins from slot machines are and that they are sometimes only a penny and a dash of luck away.

1. Two Jackpots

This player didn’t only win one pot, but two jackpots worth millions of dollars. It’s hard to imagine becoming a millionaire with a couple of spins of the reels but winning two is unfathomable. A Mr. Elman Sherwin, a war vet, at the age of 76 won the $4.6 million at the Megabucks jackpot only ten hours after the venue was newly opened to the public. Even after this big win he continued to play slots and had hopes of becoming the first ever second-time winner. Fast-forward 16 years and he won $21 million in the very same jackpot. This time instead of using the money to travel, he gave a big chunk of his winnings to charity.

2. Anonymous

An unnamed 25-year-old man from Los Angeles walked into the Excalibur Casino one day to kill some time before a basketball game and left after winning a jackpot that was worth over $39 million. This is one of the largest Vegas wins of all time. The pot was so big that the man agreed to be paid out $1.5 million each year for 25 years.

3. Another Double Win

A 60-year-old woman won $680 000 in the Palace Station Hotel on The Wheel of Fortune slot machine. Unlike most players, instead of taking her winnings home, she kept on playing. The woman kept playing the Vegas slot machines until a few months later she hit it even bigger, she won over $27 million in the Megabucks jackpot.

4. Sweet-talker

Amy Nishimura, a 71-year-old woman frequently vacationed in Vegas and every time she went she played on the same slot machine. She considered this her slot machine in the Freemont Hotel. She claims that she spoke to the machine in order to give it and herself some luck. After playing for three hours the machine paid her out $8.9 million.

These are only a few famous players that have gone down in history because of big slot machine wins. These players show that a little tenacity can go a long way, not to mention having a bucket full of luck doesn’t hurt.