Symptoms that you should stop playing slots 

As fun as gambling can be, it is also important that we don’t get carried away with this incredibly fun and often quite rewarding hobby, because it can sometimes prove to be more of a thorn in our side than a thing to be celebrated. Of course, the vast majority of gamblers out there know when to stop and how to control themselves, however there is always going to be some that just cannot seem to hack it.

The world of online slots can be especially dangerous, mainly because of how addictive these slot spins games can be if they aren’t treated with enough care. The problem with online gambling is that there is rarely anyone there to tell you to stop apart from yourself, a huge reason why so many people become addicted to online slots. Let’s take a look at a few symptoms that you should stop playing.

No interest in the outside world 

If the sight of a lovely sunny day out the window is failing to excite you anymore than the chances are that you should stop playing slots and learn to fall in love with the outside world again. Seriously, this is one of the most dangerous consequences of spinning those reels too often, because once you lose interest in the outside world it can be incredibly difficult to find anything to substitute the online slot gambling experience. 

You must stop slot gambling as soon as you start to feel this coming on – the quicker you can nip it in the bud the easier it will be to navigate this potentially difficult scenario. 

Tired eyes 

We all know that watching too much TV or playing too many video games can lead to some serious eye problems, and the same goes for online slots too. Can you feel your eyes getting particularly tired? Or are you sick of people commenting on how red they look? Well, chances are you are staring at your computer screen for a lot longer than you should be. 

Sight is probably the most important human sense there is, do you really want to ruin yours simply for a few online slot games? 

More frequently lethargic moods 

Many full blown online slot addicts report an almost constant feeling of lethargy if they are not spinning the reels, so if you find yourself slipping down this hole it is undeniably time to stop. Do you really want to be constrained to your couch or bed at all times other than when you are gambling? We didn’t think so… 

The best way to combat lethargic moods brought on by slot gambling is simply to do a spot of exercise, you would not believe how much better this can make you feel! 

Inability to stop slot gambling 

If you find the thought of not slot gambling scary it is also time to stop, as this is one of the main hallmarks of a full blown gambling addiction. Be strict and honest with yourself; if you know it is time to stop, STOP.