Slot Tricks and Tips that Work

With so many different new online slots games available for us to play online, it is important that we are able to work out which slots give us the best chance of being able to win.  But how do we do this as slots are games based on luck? 

Compare RTP

Before you play any slot game online, paying attention to the RTP or Return to Player, is a great way to ensure that you can get the most out of your chosen slot game.  This is always displayed as a percentage and the higher the percentage the better, as this is the likelihood you have as the player, at being able to win.  You will never find a slot game of 100% but you will find many different slots game available for you to play that have an RTP of 99%.  So spend a bit of time have a look at the RTP and comparing these percentages before you start playing as doing so will really be a great way to increase your winning chances. 

Gain a Greater Understanding of RNG

Understanding that slots games are luck based and require absolutely no skill or strategy in order to win is only part of the understanding you may potentially need.  What you also need to do is be able to grasp the concept that prior play has nothing to do with your slots play either.  It does not matter who you are, how often you play or how much money you have spent playing on one particular slots game, none of these details will impact how likely you are to be able to win next time you play.  This is because slots game are controlled by the RNG or Random number Generator which creates a brand new code every time the reel spins.  Not only does this protect you as the player, but it also protects the casinos as it prevents anyone from being able to cheat. 

Look at the Volatility

It is often confused by players what the RTP and the volatility mean.  The RTP is the percentage of a pound that can be expected to be returned to a player.  The volatility is the frequency and the size of the win that can be expected.  There are pros and cons to both of these different terms, just as there are to low and high volatility slot games but this is very subjective to the individual player, how they like to play and to their bankroll size.

When playing a slot with a lower volatility, you can expect to see more regular wins but the wins will never be enormous.  You can then compare this to the higher volatility slots game where wins will not be anywhere near as frequent but when they do land, they will be much greater in size.  Depending on what is most important to you as you play slots online will determine what type of volatility you look for in a slot game but make sure you are aware of this before you begin to play.