Pay by phone slot games to play

Pay by phone casino slot games means that casinos offer gamers the chance of depositing their phone bills into their casino accounts. This payment strategy is a simple and quick method for gamers. This is because it does not involve any credit and/or debit payment information. This was introduced in 2020 and its success is currently rising.

What slots game to play?

Lots of casino sites offer this new payment method. When you find a casino site that offers pay by phone slots, you find an array of slots to choose from.

Reel Royalty Online Slot

This slot offer pays by phone as a payment method. Put on your best rags and gather for an audience with the Queen. Gamers are sure to feel regal with this online slot. Steal the crown and gamers can win the royal jackpot. Based over 15 lines, this game is full of entertainment. The reel royalty online slots offer mini games as well as free spins. With an RTP of 94.3%, this slot is a triumph. What makes this slot even more appealing is its crowning and progressive jackpot. At any given moment the gamer has the chance to win a staggering £100,000. With that amount of money, they can buy their own crown.

Stack Spin Win Online Slots

This slots transports gamers into the modern era. Online slots have become so popular due to their style and graphics. This slot is a perfect example of that. Stack spin win slots is full of vivid and neon colours. This slot is compatible with the latest IOS and android systems. Meaning that its interactive game style is current and immersive. Its RTP is 94.1% making it a great slot to play. Similarly, to reel royalty online slot, it has a progressive jackpot that reaches £100,000. Of course, the greatest advantage of this game is that games can deposit money using the pay by phone option.

Jurassic Wins Online Slots

This slot is anything but extinct. It is current and popular. Gamers can be transported into this fictional world. They love this slot due to its connection with the iconic film. This slot is full of roaring dinosaurs and the classic theme song.  Jurassic win slots are based over 9 lines. Its compatible with phones and tablets. It is full of bonus games and additional features. What makes this game even more popular is its pay by phone option. This makes it a quick and easy slot to play. With a minimum starting bet of 2p, this game is extremely popular. Pay by phone method is usually used by players that do not have a high-risk tolerance. By being able to bet this miniscule amount, the slot appeals to almost everybody. With the chance to win free spins, this game is soaring.