Are slots free spins popular?

Is that grass green?

Yes! Free spins are a highly sought after commodity. Who would in their right minds would say no to the opportunity of free money. Especially when it comes in the form of being able to play some of the best free spins no deposit slot games around. Free spins are a great way to increase our profits and they come with absolutely no risk at all! Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity for free spins no deposit.

What Are Free Spins?

So what actually are free spins? Luckily, this is fairly simple. Though they come in a few different forms, which we will get to soon, free spins are rewards given to us by online casinos allowing us the chance to make stakes in our favourite slot games without there being any of our actual money that we are risking.

How Much Are They Worth?

Free spins will vary in their monetary value between each online casino. The standard value given is £0.10. It is worth while checking the value of the free spins that on offer prior to registering for the sign up bonus. If the value of the free spins is much lower than this, then you could easily be wasting your time. It is especially important to look out for this if an online casino is offering a ridiculous amount of free spins for signing up as the likelihood is that they will be worth very little and we will burn through them incredibly fast.

How Do we Get Free Spins?

So there are a few ways in which we can get access to those juicy free spins that everyone wants. Let us take a look at the different options that are available.

Sign Up Offers

First we have sign up deals or welcome bonuses, these are offered to give players an incentive to choose that specific online casino over the hundreds (if not thousands) of competitors that are out there vying for our attention.

Welcome bonus free spins can be offered in a few different scenarios, which is great for us because it means there is more opportunity regardless of what our desired play style is.

No Deposit Free Spins

First we have no deposit free spins, which are offered solely for signing up to the given online casino. This is great for people who would rather not risk any of their own money, but still want the chance of making something.

Deposit Free Spins

Deposit Free spins are offered when we are willing to put money in. In this scenario, the deals tend to be better, though we should always check the Terms and Conditions.

In Game Free Spins

On top of free spins being offered as sign up incentive, they can also be found in game when specific conditions are met. This will change per game and sometimes won’t be available, but they are great opportunities to make some serious profits, not only because they’re free, but because there can be the chance of earning more whilst using them!